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A residential complex is definitely incomplete with some modern amenities and facilities. Calmar Land ensures that each of its projects is equipped with great features and amenities for the comfort of the residents. Sorrento is developed with an idea for making housing affordable to small or expanding families and definitely is in sync with the plan. If you are looking for a comfortable stay along with some great amenities, this is the place you must consider investing on. It is affordable, secure and located in a strategic location with great facilities that improve lifestyle.

One of the most important factors to check before investing in a home is security. Sorrento boasts of high-level security so that you feel safe and secured within the complex. There is 24 x 7 security service to ensure your family is secured and safe. The main entrance is always checked and monitored by security guards to avoid unwanted entry. It is a gated community and hence every visitor is watched. There is a perimeter fence. The sidewalks, gutters, and curbs are constructed meeting safety standards.

It has wide concrete roads of 8m wide which ensure smooth and safe passage of vehicles within the community. With the interconnected water distribution system, every home gets clean and clear water without any hassle. The electricity and power are distributed to every household in a safe and secure manner with overhead power distribution. There is a well-designed underground drainage system which ensures that there is no water clogging despite heavy rain and proper sanitation is maintained within the premises.

With certain recreational amenities, life gets dull and boring. The developer completely understands it and hence has equipped great features to boost healthy lifestyle. It has a wide open space for performing recreational activities and there is a basketball court, swimming pool, beautiful landscaping, jogging path, garden, open space for children to play which keeps the residents active and fit. Every home is also equipped with some great amenities that make it very comfortable and convenient for the residents. 

  • Open Space for recreational activities
  • Main Entrance & Guard House
  • Wide Concrete Roads (min of 8 m wide)
  • Concrete Sidewalk, Curbs and Gutters
  • Perimeter Fence
  • Interconnected Water Distribution System
  • Overhead power distribution lines
  • Underground Drainage System
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